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Wechat shop

Apply for D-biz funding to E-shop development. As a result, WeChat is now incorporating payment options allowing users to buy items from directly from WeChat official accounts with just one-click. We helps businesses to set up online shop within the WeChat ecosystem.

What is WeChat Pay? WeChat Pay is a payment feature integrated into the WeChat app, users can complete payment quickly with smartphones. Cross-border Settlement Supports settlement across major foreign currencies. Customers pay in CNY, but the transaction is settled in a foreign currency.

After users scan these codes, they can see related product information and transaction guides on their phone.

With WeChat Pay enabled, their followers can purchase products on the shopping page. When users make payment in other apps, WeChat will be authorized to process the payment. Once the transaction is done, the page will redirect to the other app. WeChat is now the most popular app in China. The consolidated monthly active users of Wexin and WeChat exceeded one billion in InWeChat Mini-programs have covered more than industries.

Case studies. Highlight — Wechat Account Registration.As you have probably noticed, WeChat is an irreplaceable application in China. With more than 1 billion active users, WeChat has gained an additional million users in the last two years.

This type of growth creates interest in knowing what the number of users will be two years from now, when WeChat celebrates its year anniversary. Foreigners think of WeChat primarily as a messaging app and compare it to WhatsApp, but it has so much more to offer than only that. With WeChat Pay users can connect with their bank accounts and purchase everyday goods with a simple click from their phone. Reflecting on the amount of users WeChat has, and the unlimited opportunities WeChat offers, it would be quite beneficial if brands started using this platform to expand their business.

WeChat shops can help you strengthen brand awareness. Additionally, it will enable you to focus on a specific target group, leading you to a better understanding of your customers and building long-term relationships with them. Below, we will explain more about this amazing feature on WeChat and why you should consider opening one for your business. For companies interested in expanding their E-commerce business, creating a WeChat shop is definitely something they should consider as a great addition to their business.

WeChat stores are an E-commerce platform that exist within the WeChat app.

wechat shop

They are mobile websites connected to the menu of a WeChat Official Account. We have seen the advantages of WeChat stores, but there are also some limitations. So just creating a WeChat store is not enough. You need to have a well-organized marketing strategy in order to be easily found by WeChat users. Additionally, product pages of WeChat stores are difficult to find if the keywords used in the search box of WeChat are not specific enough.

So, using complex sentences will not create results. The reason we see so many success stories about WeChat shops generating considerable profits for business owners is because WeChat stores can be used in several different but equally successful ways.

For the most part, WeChat stores are usually launched as an integration of a company's existing e-commerce website. Another successful option is that brick and mortar store owners have opened a WeChat store to provide their customers with a new innovative way to explore their products, compare them, and finalize their purchase without actually having to leave the comfort of their smartphone. In other cases, foreign businesses have used WeChat stores to sell their products on the Chinese market without having to actually open a local entity.

To be successful in the Chinese market you need to know the makeup of it and you need to understand which web marketing techniques are successful in this part of the world. This is even truer when it comes to WeChat since you need to abide by the policies set by Tencent, the organization that owns WeChat.

With just a few clicks, you can shop on JD. However, these results are only possible if the keywords that you enter are clear and specific enough. This strong cooperation between WeChat and JD. It was a very logical step for WeChat to enable shopping on its platform.Along with the rise in disposable income and lasting perception that foreign brands have higher quality products, Chinese consumers are increasingly buying products though cross-border e-commerce.

wechat shop

This growth in cross-border e-commerce offers an alternative gateway for foreign brands selling products, especially for overseas brands that lack the scale to establish a physical store in China. And for brands who are planning to launch full-size stores, cross-border e-commerce is a great way to establish their presence and test the market.

WeChat shop has become a cornerstone for brands who want to get involved with e-shopping and sell their products directly without having a Chinese business license. WeChat shop or store is one of the easiest ways to start selling products in China. A WeChat shop is essentially an e-commerce platform that exists within the WeChat app. It functions as a mobile website that connects directly to the menu of an Official WeChat Account.

WeChat shops may come off as a bit complicated to use, but the process is relatively easy even for first-time users. Here are some of the top features that make WeChat shops so popular:. The great news for foreign companies is that opening up a WeChat store is way less hassle than opening up an account for other social media services in China.

Foreign companies without any Chinese business license can create WeChat shops and utilize all the functions that the mobile website has to offer considering that they are linked directly to official accounts. By taking advantage of WeChat shops, brands have a great marketing and CRM tool that enables them to engage customers for the long run and in very creative ways. Brands can also make use of WeChat mini programswhich can also provide e-commerce services.

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This allows brands to have their own cross-border e-commerce mini stores without having to rely on third-party marketplaces. However, it is recommended to use both. Mini programs can be used for a seamless user experience and mobile WeChat shops can be used to work in other platforms like Weibo, which means more conversions for your brand.

On top of that, it is very easy to access and track customer data with WeChat official accounts. This allows brands to build a very detailed customer profile to segment users and improve their cross-border selling strategy. This wealth of data also allows brands to build a deep customer relationship with incentives and provide excellent customer services to the user. Chinese millennials are undeniably the most digital active group in the world and cross-border e-commerce through WeChat shops are a great way to directly tap into the e-commerce market.

If designed correctly and used with the right marketing strategy, WeChat shops will increase engagement of your WeChat Official Account and drive sales directly to your overseas bank account. Get in touch with us and we can give you all the details you need to get started with your very own WeChat shop. More than 10 years of experience in helping the communication of foreign companies in China. Table of Contents What is a WeChat shop?

Features of WeChat shop WeChat shops may come off as a bit complicated to use, but the process is relatively easy even for first-time users.

How China is changing the future of shopping - Angela Wang

Here are some of the top features that make WeChat shops so popular: Product access: WeChat stores give access to a wide range of products with one click payments via WeChat or other apps such as Alipay. Seamless integration: WeChat stores are linked to Official accounts so discounts can be sent directly to customers.As WeChat is becoming the do-it-all super platform, more and more official accounts are linked to a WeChat store.

But which platform should you choose to build the perfect WeChat store? Please read the terms and condition carefully before you make your decision. Being one of the most popular WeChat shop, YouShop has the advantage of being well recognized by most consumers.

wechat shop

The major disadvantage of YouShop is that you cannot customize the design much. All the YouShop stores have the same design and content structure. Youzan is other widely used platform to open a WeChat store. For example, the specific time of delivery will be an important function for a flower shop or a restaurant; and store-pickup will benefit companies with multiple physical locations and save delivery cost.

Templates include:. When it comes to trust and authenticity, JD WeChat store is no doubt the biggest and most trustworthy platform for customers. This makes it the best cross-platform WeChat store. Another drawback of JD. COM WeChat store is it does not allow design customisation.

This makes it hard for market newcomers to compete. COM is one of the most trustful e-commerce platform, and customers are willing to pay a higher price to get the authentic product. COM WeChat store will be a good choice.

If you are operating a restaurant and want to offer food delivery service, Lewaimai will be a good platform to look into. This platform is specifically designed for WeChat food delivery service. Chinese business license and Chinese bank account are not required. Your WeChat shop will be connected with WeChat cross-border payment account. You just have to signup online, and we will provide you with an unique QR code linking to a customized WeChat store for your users.

Users are automatically logged-in to your WeChat shop via WeChat login, and the shop comes with WeChat payment integration. So you can focus on what matters most: providing the best product and services to your customers. Ask a question about WeChat Shop.

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Coupons Incentivize your users to purchase more through discounts. Translations Easily submit your content to be translated by professionals. Analytics Track your follower growth in real time. Group buying Give discounts when users buy with friends. O2O conversion Convert in-store visitors into followers. Customization Create your own pages to introduce your brand. Hosting Optimized hosting for great speed in China.

Want a first consultation about Social Marketing in China?Businesses and merchants will be allowed to sign up for a test of the e-commerce product, known as WeChat Minishop. WeChat is China's most popular messaging app with over a billion users. It is a key part of life in the world's second-largest economy. WeChat is often dubbed a "super-app" because consumers can purchase flights and use payments, all within the app.

Tencent has had so-called e-commerce "mini-programs" or apps within its WeChat messaging service for a while.

WeChat store: 5 ways to open a WeChat shop for free

But this new tool will allow a vendor to create an e-commerce mini-program inside WeChat using Tencent's tool instead of relying on expensive developers. It won't be a centralized system like JD. The Chinese internet giant said that merchants won't be charged for opening a virtual store and there will be no service charges either, potentially allowing smaller businesses to create WeChat shops.

Alibaba's platforms charge various fees for merchants. Tencent also said Minishops will support livestreamingwhich has become a popular way for Chinese consumers to shop. This is a feature competitors such as Alibaba-owned Taobao supports too. The Minishop will also provide merchants with order management services, transaction, logistics and after-sales support. Tencent's advantages lie in its already-massive user base plus its potential access to data, experts told CNBC.

WeChat Pay is used to pay for items on other websites.

wechat shop

The messaging app also has a function called "Moments" which allows users to post pictures, videos and links to websites. These two features could also play a part in helping Tencent target users. It will need to "have a clear proposition" for the Minishop and "have strong quality control" to ensure an abundance of fake products do not proliferate the platform, according to Yip.

WeChat Shop: The Ultimate Guide to Cross-Border E-commerce

Correction: This article has been updated to correct the name of WeChat Minishop in two references. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by. Skip Navigation.

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Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. Tencent launched Minishop, a tool that allows merchants to build a virtual store on WeChat. The move potentially pits Tencent against e-commerce giants JD. A smart phone with the icons for the social networking apps WeChat and others seen on the screen on June 29 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. VIDEO WeChat started out as a messaging APP, and quickly extended its functions to include social medias and services.

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However, the core of WeChat business model is e-commerce: the ability of WeChat to become the electronic wallet of its users. WeChat shops come with a large amount of feature which make them stand-out in the Chinese e-commerce landscape. Here are some of them:. It is an App built in a specific language to be accessible easily via WeChat. It can provide e-commerce services or other kind of functionalities. A WeChat shop refers to any e-commerce experience optimized for WeChat.

We recommend our clients to have both a WeChat Mini-program for optimal user experience website and a web-based WeChat Store which will also work in other platforms such as Weibo or Douban. Although nothing keeps you from developing your own WeChat store from scratch, most brands and companies rely on 3rd party WeChat store providers in order to open a WeChat store just like Western brands would not develop an e-commerce from scratch, but would rely on solutions such as Shopify, Salesforce Commerce or Magento.

You can connect your corporate bank account with WeChat to receive cross-border payments directly from Chinese customers. These payments are handled by the WeChat Cross-border Payment solution, and WeChat automatically handles currency conversion and oversea transfer.

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WalktheChat WeChat shop solution integrates with popular e-commerce solutions such as Shopify and Magento. Your products, orders and inventory can be automatically uploaded to WeChat, and synchronized in real-time.

If you do not use a popular e-commerce solution with a WalktheChat integration, custom API integration or manual upload are of course possible. Although each brand has its own approach to WeChat shop design, there are a few rules which apply accross most industries. Chinese characters make it difficult to load many different fonts to fit your design as a typical font contains thousands of characters and is therefore time consuming to download. While Western product pages often only consist of a few pictures in a gallery and a short description, Chinese product descriptions will spread them through the page with an excruciating amount of details.

Below are the screenshots of product pictures for one single product page for casio watches on Tmall:. While Western e-commerce websites tend to be product-focused, Chinese customers tend to be more interested in hearing context about the brand story.

This is especially important for cross-border purchases, where the brand narrative plays an essential role in triggering the purchase.

If you are re-selling an existing brand, or if your brand is being sold on gray markets by individual re-sellers Daigou salesit is essential to provide users with a proof of authenticity.

This can be done by showing picture of re-seller agreements, or some of the documents involved with custom clearance in order to show that you are importing and selling the product through an official channel. WeChat is not a searched-based ecosystem.

As such, you need to help your customers find your shop. Most brands especially brands that are new to China choose to leverage Chinese bloggers or influencers in order to drive traffic. WeChat Moment ads are displayed in the users social timeline. They are relatively expensive often around RMB for 1, impressions but are extremely visible and a powerful branding tool.

WeChat Banner ads are another ad format. They are banners displayed at the bottom of other WeChat Official Accounts articles like a banner on a website. A last option is WeChat Mini-program ads which are displayed on 3rd party Mini-programs. They can consist of pop-up ads, banner ads or video that are auto-played for instance while after a user wins or loses at a WeChat Mini-game.

WeChat Mini-program ads are, as of Mayextremely efficient for followers acquisition. They have among the lowest cost-per-follower with around 5 RMB per follower on average against around 11 RMB per followers for banner ads, and upwards of 35 RMB per follower for Moments ads.A measure of 'peakiness' or heavy tails in the field's distribution. A status code that reflects the status of the dataset creation. Number of milliseconds that BigML.

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Tencent launches new online shopping feature in WeChat app, in a challenge to rivals Alibaba and JD

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