Borsalino with floral patterned ribbon and moroccan leather

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Borsalino with floral patterned ribbon and moroccan leather

Founded inour company's continued pride is in offering quality products at competitive prices. Committed to supplying our customers with the latest trends, we provide a wide range of seasonal and stylish selections. Our success is largely based on outstanding long-term relationships that build trust and reliability with our customers. Our professional website team is always here to assist you along the way to make your shopping easy and convenient.

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Image Item Price. Close My Account. Displaying to of products. Wona Trading, Inc.This drum table features hand-hammered brass with an oxidized silver finish. Made in India, this flexible piece can be used as a table or stool. Size: 14" x 19" H. View Product. A stunning Chevron pattern of natural bone inlay and Black resin brings depth and complexity to fabulous Felicity Console. Size: 16" x 63" x 33" H Out of Stock! A beautiful addition to any bedroom or living room, this two-drawer bone-inlaid table features a feminine floral pattern.

Thistables is made from wood, resin, and buffalo bone. Size : 18" x 24" 24" H. A contemporary take on an ancient technique, this black-and-white bone-inlaid bedside table features a graphic chevron pattern and a drawer for storage.

Each of our bone-inlaid pieces was carefully crafted by hand, creating variations that make each A beautiful addition to any bedroom or bathroom, this two-drawer bone-inlaid table features a feminine floral pattern. Add a touch of romance to a bathroom or bedroom with a bone-inlaid table. Made in India of wood, resin and buffalo bone, table feature a traditional floral pattern.

Size 13" x 13" x 21"H. Cedar wood and henna-dyed bone are used to craft these elegant tables. Size: 20" x 21". Regal and intricately carved by hand, this Moroccan wooden coffee table can be the centerpiece of your seating area or used to showcase beautiful decorative objects. Size: 17" x 39" x 18" H. Cedar wood with metal and henna-dyed bone are used to craft these elegant tables.

Size: 20" x 20" x 18'H. Size: 19" x 19" x 20'H. Elegant and traditional, these Moroccan side or end tables are crafted from wood and feature intricate metal and leather overlay work and a glass top. Size: 18" x 21". Cedar wood with metal and hand painted touareg leather are used to craft these elegant tables. Size: 21" x 21" x 23,5 " H. An original Sheherazade design, this contemporary coffee table is the perfect centerpiece for conversation.People all over the world appreciate and admire Moroccan style furniture and decor accessories, unique textiles and home decorating fabrics, spectacular patterns and handmade home decorations that are important parts of sensual Moroccan interior design.

borsalino with floral patterned ribbon and moroccan leather

Moroccan home decorating and interior design ideas are about rich room colors and ethnic decoration patterns, traditional crafts and modern artworks, wonderful Moroccan decorations made of dark wood, leather or glass, beautiful ceramics and forged metal Moroccan lamps.

Beautiful pottery, bright tile designs, colorful home fabrics and intricate wood carving are essentials of Moroccan design. Natural decorating fabrics and colorful area rugs with large cushions, the unique aroma of Moroccan argan oil and mint tea with local spices, dark wood Moroccan furniture and decor accessories are beautiful home decorating ideas for creating luxurious, colorful and modern Moroccan decor with exotic flavor.

Moroccan architecture, interior design and home decorating ideas come from the ancient times and can be easily recognized today even in contemporary Moroccan home decor. One of the main principles of Moroccan interior design is utilizing all available empty surfaces and decorating them with impressive Moroccan decorations, intricate patterns and juicy colors. Since images of people are forbidden in Muslim art and design, Moroccan interior design is based on creating interesting geometric shapes and decoration patterns, arabesques and flower motifs on the floor, ceiling, walls, lighting fixtures, furniture and decor accessories.

Made of stucco, plaster or wood, handmade Moroccan decorations are impressive.

Moroccan Home & garden furnitures, Moroccan craft Wholesale Supplier

Moroccan home decorating fabrics feature fabulous patterns and bright color combinations. Natural materials, beautiful textiles and home decorating fabrics created with natural fibers make Moroccan interiors attractive, comfortable and pleasant. Moroccan furniture and decor accessories are made of natural materials, blending wool, silk, glass, leather, clay and metal into fabulous and unique home furnishings.

Moroccan decor accessories and wall decoration in Moroccan style. Colorful and rich Moroccan wool rugs, carved wood furniture and handmade Moroccan decorations, bright decorative cushions, made of cotton, wool or silk fabrics, Moroccan bedding, light decorative curtains and unique Moroccan lamps are functional and beautiful home furnishings for traditional and modern Moroccan interiors.

Use elegant silk for decorating your home with curtains, bring bright rich room paint colors and add ethnic character to modern interior design in Moroccan style with ethnic patterns. Moroccan style home decorating, colorful and sensual interiorspart 1. Soft luxurious home decorating fabrics, floor rugs and pillows with gorgeous patterns brighten up modern interior design in Moroccan style and create cozy and inviting rooms.

Add the Middle Eastern flavor with leather, glass or forged metal Moroccan lantern designs.

Moroccan Style, Home Accessories and Materials for Moroccan Interior Design

Add clay pottery to emphasize the exotic Moroccan style. Moroccan style calls for rich room colors and ethnic interior design ideas that include carved wood furniture, doors, wall mirror frames.

Moroccan home decorating ideas, unique Moroccan lamps. Forging refines the metal grain structure, allowing to create intricate and amazing Moroccan lamps. These lighting fixtures, combined with forged metal kitchen items, tea accessories and vases, add wonderful, unique and beautiful accents for Moroccan interiors. Made of forged metal handrails, furniture decoration, floor and table lamps, mirror frames, pendant lights and Moroccan lanterns make modern interior design look unique and charming, enhancing the Moroccan style.

Using bright and colorful wool rugs, kilims or thin large rugs with traditional geometric patterns is the quickest way to Moroccan interior design. A few leather ottomans, or Moroccan poufs, and large cushions made of soft decorating fabrics add comfort and exotic look to Moroccan interior design and decorating ideas. Silk canopies, which are inspired by traditional desert tents, attractively decorate Moroccan interiors and protect the sleeping, dining and seating areas.

Rich room colors and ethnic patterns, traditional crafts and modern artworks, wonderful handmade Moroccan decorations, created of leather or glass, fantastic mosaic tile designs, ceramics and forged metal Moroccan lamps, combined with carved wood furniture and luxurious silky decorating fabrics that are used for bedding and curtains, make Moroccan style interior design so warm and comfortable, attractive and popular.

Black and white room decor, fear, protection and purity.Advanced Search Search Tips.

borsalino with floral patterned ribbon and moroccan leather

No reproduction without permission. All Rights Reserved. Please wait Search Advanced Search Search Tips. Popular Brands Moroccan Home Decor.

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Ceramic Dishes. Hand Painted Ceramic BowlThere are ten colors and two sizes listed, please choose the ones you want to purchase from above. Minimum order of 2 bowls in any combination. Moroccan Hand Painted Ceramic Bowl with Metal WorkThere are five different colors listed, please choose the one you want to purchase from above.

borsalino with floral patterned ribbon and moroccan leather

Moroccan Hand Painted Ceramic PlateThere are different print designs listed, please choose which one you want to purchase from above. Moroccan Hand Painted Ceramic BowlThere are different designs listed, please choose the one you would like to purchase.

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Moroccan Hand Painted Floral Ceramic BowlThere are different designs listed, please choose the one you would like to purchase. Moroccan Hand Painted Ceramic PlateComes in two different multi colors of yellow, blue and different print designs with a carved rim. Please choose which one you would like to purchase from above. Size: 3" H x 14" W Style These are beautiful Current Top Sellers 1. Choose Options.

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Learn more. Spoonflower works best with JavaScript enabled. Learn how to enable it. Important Update—Please Read. Shop moroccan Designs Buy fabric, wallpaper and home decor and view projects featuring unique moroccan designs. All Materials Fabric Wallpaper. View: design Design Fabric Project. Moroccan Square in Sunn Moroccan Quad in Emerald. Classic Moroccan in Cha Moroccan in Green and Gray. Ikat Moroccan in Tuscan Hollow Moroccan in Mint Moroccan pattern green. Moroccan pattern blue.

Charcoal Ikat Moroccan Moroccan Modern Abstract.

3D floral pearls embroidery work on shirts frocks and maxi -- ribbons pearl seed beads embroidery..

Moroccan Mandala Tile Moroccan Ogee Orange. Moroccan Ogee Orange large. Moroccan Ogee Pink. Moroccan Ogee Pink Large. Moroccan Ogee Raspberry. Moroccan Ogee Grape. Spring Moroccan in Yellows. Moroccan Butter Color P Moroccan Tile Blue. Moroccan Vibe - Branchi Moroccan decorative design.The relationship between the Hollywood actor and the Alessandria-based firm was always a special one, and became legendary thanks to Humphrey Bogart wearing the unforgettable Borsalino fedoras from his personal collection in many of his most iconic film roles.

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In honor of the great actor Humphrey Bogart, who always wore Borsalino hats on screen and in his daily life with such inimitable style, Borsalino launches its third season collectable the Bogart by Borsalino Cut 3 hat in collaboration with the Humphrey Bogart Estate and celebrated with a new social media campaign featuring Justin Gossman, renowned model and US rock-band Toy Guns frontman.

The Bogart by Borsalino Cut 3 also features its own exclusive hatbox. The CUT 2 model is the iconic one with a medium brim and a high crown, a design created for Hollywood stars in and which was especially loved by Humphrey Bogart. The hat lives again in a collectable version which combines shaved felt in the special Jorasse color with a grosgrain ribbon in the same shade, finished off with the characteristic bow with the Borsalino logo printed on it. The CUT 1, created from a precious mixture of hare and rabbit fur, reinterprets the typical shape of the fifties with a medium brim and a high dome.

One thing may turn out right. In honor of this style icon, Borsalino has captured shared inspiration with a series of street style video clips and pictures: Wear it, Style it, Interpret it from both Bogart aficionados and new fans.

Get ready for CUT 04 available from February Introducing The Bogart by Borsalino exclusive collectable collection. Watch the movie. The Bogart by Borsalino. Discover the Collection. Buy Now.

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Wear it, Style it, Interpret it. Collect it.We buy these value-priced cowhides as odd lots, meaning we get whatever colors usually earth tones the tannery has in that particular lot, theref These imported veg-tanned single shoulders are the perfect choice when you don't need a full side or double shoulder.

They carve and stamp beautifu This premium imported veg-tanned leather is tanned exclusively for us using a tannage that produces a leather with excellent tooling and embossing These skins are well suited for liners, making small accessories, pouches, garment use and more! Skins will average 4 to 6 sq. Our Heritage Sides are Veg Tanned. These smooth sides are perfect for carving and tooling. As with any leather, the pattern, size and shape will va These are imported veg-tanned sides.

They carve and stamp beautifully while accepting dyes and stains very well. Average size: 19 to 22 sq. These are import shoulders and may have some imperfections such as discoloration Perfect for making leather belts, guitar straps, rifle slings, luggage straps and more. No snaps attached. Width indicates buckle size needed.

borsalino with floral patterned ribbon and moroccan leather

Premium veg-tan Italian Double Shoulder featuring a luxe variety of finishes. Great for making lightweight fashion belts, bags, and other leather g Denver Leather Sides are Chrome-tanned and come in nine rich colors.

These sides have a distressed look with a slight pull-up effect.


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